REVIEW: Jessica Luise – Going In Blind [EP]

Jessica Luise is a Manchester based artist that many of us in Warrington have had the pleasure of hearing live as she’s flourished in the town’s music scene. Her new four track EP ‘Going in Blind’ was released yesterday (9th of July), bringing with it timeless, melodic sounds reminiscent of the likes of Fleetwood Mac and perfect for any indie fans out there looking to indulge in something dreamy.

“To think that I would be the proud creator of a piece of work like this after being in this industry for such a short time baffles me. ‘Going In Blind’ comes from how I was blind to the red flags in relationships I’ve encountered over the years, and a bit of a comment on how when I first started in music I knew nothing. I am still learning, but maybe I’m not as much of a newborn in this industry as I was a year ago.” – Jessica Luise

‘a.m.’ is the EP’s lead single, with an upbeat yet mellow sound and lyrics that tell a story of a one-
night infatuation. Maybe we haven’t all been there ourselves, but the raw, almost whisper like tone
of Jessica’s voice awakens the listener to the vulnerability that goes hand in hand with love. The
‘throws’ of love and desire are best exemplified by the climatic chorus of the single, in comparison to
the grounded verses, where synths and drums playfully depict the tumult of a young lover’s heart.


‘Stargaze’ is certainly one for fans of Fleetwood Mac and exemplifies Luise’s terrific range and her
talent for manipulating melodies in a surprising and refreshing way. Themes of forgiveness and fate
firmly place this song in the realms of Romeo and Juliet style love; young, naive and, potentially,
star-crossed? As one of Luise’s earliest songs, ‘Stargaze’ has been years in the making, finally landing
on this perfect, bite-sized number that leaves the listener wanting more. I suppose you’ll have to just
rewind… restart…

Wise words make up ‘Three Steps Forward’, creating a truly memorable and classically indie bop,
exemplifying Luise’s nuanced ability to capture the relatable and personal in her music. This song
would feel at home in any coming-of-age movie, being both feel-good and humbling, whilst
capturing the essence of teenage angst that many of us are all too familiar with. Written as a thank
you to her parents, ‘Three Steps Forward’ is an ode to the advice they have given her over the years
and reminds the listener that sometimes mother does know best.

The last song on the EP is ‘Bedroom’, aptly named for its intimate and acoustic sound, where Luise is
able to show off the immaculate depth and richness of her vocals. Alluding to where it all began for
this artist, with just a guitar to support her, this song is a firm favourite of mine from the EP. There is
something undeniably special about it, with a small laugh that was purposely left into the final take
adding to the soul of the piece, concluding what can only be described as a beautiful (and rather
morish) EP.

– Ella Pollard

Have a listen for yourself and check out Jessica Luise’s socials via the links below.

Jessica Luise is performing at Rivfest Sunday 8th August. More on that here



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