[WAM] Exposure Week 97 (17/6/21)

[WAM] Exposure Week 97 (17/6/21) (click here if the below audio button doesn’t work)

Welcome to WAM Exposure! No guests this week as we’ve so much to talk about and lots of new music including the forthcoming Rivver release, and a very first play on the station for Duvet. We were due to finish at half 7 but due to a track and trace ping, the rugby coverage didn’t take place, so the last few tracks added on extra so enjoy the back to back music!

 As always, get in touch with the show if you’ve got a track you’d love us to play we’d love to do so!

We played:

Syfta – Gamble
Georgia Rae K – No Good (Acoustic, Live)
Pacific – Spiral
Rivver – Blue Lagoon
Two Skies – Loser
Hollow Vandals – Havin’ A Good Day and That?
Duvet – Running Around In Circles
Uno Mas – Glass Houses
Kerry Feeney – Baby Girl Know It
The A.V Club – Better Days (Acoustic)
Alan Jacob & Kelly Cresswell – Everywhere (cover)
The Zangwills – Call
James Lee-Hindle – Escape
Lucy Bell – Babybird
Sonny Alderson – Dreamworld
Marcus Man – Stay Forever
Natalie McCool – Heaven
Junior Dayvis – Wooden Cow
Carta Inc ft Lee Egerton – Hear You Say

Paul Nixon – Coming To Get You
Abi Rose Kelly – James’ Corsa
Jack Woodward – Look Looking Around
The Diamond Bays – Submarine [Legend]
Man & the Echo – On Safari

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