[WAM] Exposure Week 96 (10/6/21)

[WAM] Exposure Week 96 (10/6/21) (click here if the below audio button doesn’t work)

Welcome to WAM Exposure! We had a great time with Sam Lyon in the studio but this week we had loads of great new music to make up for no guests. As always, get in touch with the show if you’ve got a track you’d love us to play we’d love to do so!

That’s what Michael Webster and Hollows have done. We’re on Radio Warrington every Thursday, get involved with the show and let us know where you’re listening from! Send your tracks to WArringtonMusic@gmail.com.

We played:

Sam Lyon – Free
The A.V Club – Better Days
Hollows – Advice
Michael Webster – Unacquainted Strangers
Liam Hillyer – Where Are You Going To Run To Now (live, acoustic)
Liam Hillyer – This Town
Aligners – Jumped The Gun
Mondegreen – Sometimes
Seagoth – Eternity
Muddy Elephant – Tusk
Floral Scene – Just Friends
Courting – Popshop!
Passionflower – Picture Perfect (live session)
Warrington Music – Swings And Waterslides
Jessica Luise – Nice Try
The K’s – Hoping Maybe (Live)
Two Skies – Another Way
Sam McLaughlin – Tommy
Crawlers – Breathe
The Lottery Winners – It’s Coming Home (Three Lions)

Tune into WAM Exposure every Thursday, 6-8pm on Radio Warrington!

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