[WAM] Exposure Week 94 (27/5/21)

[WAM] Exposure Week 94 (27/5/21) (click here if the below audio button doesn’t work)

Welcome to WAM Exposure! We were absolutely delighted to have Dylan Rodrigues in the Radio Warrington studio this week. We’ve known him for many years and have seen him develop as an artist. We talked about his inspirations, what he got up to during lockdown and about his return to Warrington’s Young Traders Market which is returning on Saturday 5th June!

A shorter show than usual as we had to finish early due to the rugby coverage. All those who tunes in for the game coverage which didn’t end up happening, hope you enjoyed all the bonus tracks!

Enjoy the show!

We played:

Two Skies – Another Way
Sienne – Voulez Vous
Dylan Rodrigues – Why
The A.V Club – Mistakes
Marcus Man – More Than Me
Dylan Rodrigues – Finding The Light
Liam Hillyer – Where Are You Going To Run To Now
Sam McLaughlin – Tommy
El Misti – Don’t Ya Love Democracy
Engines Made From Soup – Take 2
Lucy Bell – Babybird
Specs – I’ll Never Let It Go [Legend]
Dylan Rodrigues – Heart On Fire (Acoustic Cover)
August Taugua – Heartfelt

Tune into WAM Exposure every Thursday, 6-8pm on Radio Warrington!

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