[WAM] Exposure Week 86 (25/3/21)

[WAM] Exposure Week 86 (25/3/21) ( click here if the below audio button doesn’t work)

Hello and welcome to WAM Exposure. WArringtonMusic.co.uk Editor Lee was back in the hot seat with important news about future shows.

Spring has arrived and the local music scene is flourishing with great local artists. New music from Crawlers and Khymer, as well as more amazing live tracks from Syfta and The Racket, recorded at Allo Sound. Enjoy!

Liam Hillyer – Where I’m Supposed To Be
Lost In Echoes – Heartbreaker
Filthy Tricks – Black Diamond Eyes
Syfta – Headlights (live)
Crawlers – Statues
Hollow Vandals – Halfway To The Moon
Paul Nixon – It’s Alright Now
Ryan Hunt – This Is The Life (acoustic)
Alan Jacob & Treefingers – Sunflower
Evila – Stand Strong
Khymer – God Monkey Boy
Viola Beach – Daisies
Pink Shirts For Pale People – Talk About It
Treefingers – Perspective
The Lotts – Where Are You Going?
The Racket – Testify (live)
Uno Mas – Glue
Slydigs – Give It Up Brother
Pacific – Last Life
Strangers – You and I
The Stocks – Love Something
Lucy Bell – I Stayed Up
Soryx – Quest
The Lottery Winners – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Tune into WAM Exposure every Thursday, 6-8pm on Radio Warrington!


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