[WAM] Exposure Week 84 (11/3/21)

[WAM] Exposure Week 84 (11/3/21) ( click here if the below audio button doesn’t work)

Hello! Welcome to [WAM] Exposure and this week, didn’t we have a treat for you! Not only did we have some big news at the end of the show (no skipping to the end), but we had so many great artists making their first appearances on the show with the likes of urban parcs, Garden Party and Dust Monk.

We also had new music from friends of the show, Lee Egerton, Paul Nixon and many more.

With live music on the horizon once again, it’s not slowing down our amazing artists. We even pay tribute to #InternationalWomensDay by putting three of our favourites, back-to-back!

We played:

Urban Parcs – show me love
Hollow Vandals – Havin’ A Good Day and That?
Will Blunt – Babylon Kingdom
The Lottery Winners – We’ll Meet Again
Scratch – Ain’t No Summer
Lucy Bell – Nice Try (Jessica Luise Cover)
32 Tens – My Town
Paul Nixon – It’s Alright Now
The Lotts – I’ll get around to it
Pray For Mojo – Salvador
Jeramiah Ferrari – Blinding Lights (Weeknd Cover)
Kaleiders – Kicks
Alan Jacob & Sam Hepworth – Bring On The Dancing Horses
Lee Egerton – Gratitude
Garden Party – Better (Than You)
Man & the Echo – P.R Masterpiece
Georgia Rae K – No Good (radio edit)
Dust Monk – Dying To Lie
No One Sun – All We Rely On Is Stolen
Lost In Echoes – Heartbreaker
Bossmags – Rise and Fall
The Zangwills – Call (Live)


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