[WAM] Exposure Week 83 (4/3/21)

[WAM] Exposure Week 83 (4/3/21) ( click here if the below audio button doesn’t work)

Sorry it’s late! But on last weeks show it was jam-packed with exciting gig news and the exclusive first play of the brand new song by The A.V Club. We played three tracks from artists who played the last music festival in Warrington before lockdown. Can you guess which one that was? 

We Played:

Pink Shirts For Pale People – Call It What You Want
The Ambersons – The New Adventures Of Superman
Muddy Elephant – Helter Skelter
The K’s – TV
32 Tens – Happy
Liam Hillyer – This Town
Bines – I Try
The Racket – No Shine From The Sun
The 66 – City Of Culture [Legend]
The A.V Club – Mistakes
Voodoo Blood – Groove Medicine
Zimber – 2 Bad 4 Love
Khymer- Sex Pesticide
Sienne – Where Is Home
Rivver – Smile Back
Uno Mas – Don’t You Know
Serratone – Groovy Lucy (live)
Syfta – Gamble (live)
TicNoToc – The Pusher
Junior Dayvis – Elvis Is King
Crawlers – Hush (live)
April Moon – Call Of The Wild
Andy Gallagher/ Richie Johnson – Sunset Bay
Gareth Heesom – Under Your Spell
Treefingers – Control
Aligners – Jumped The Gun (live, acoustic)

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