[WAM] Exposure Week 80 (11/2/21)

[WAM] Exposure Week 80 (11/02/21) ( click here if the below audio button doesn’t work)

Hello and welcome to [WAM] Exposure! Back to a full show after the special last week, which meant wall-to-wall brilliant tracks by local artists.

As well as new music from the likes of Abi Rose Kelly & Pink Shirts For Pale People, it was the very first play on the show for the new charity single, ‘Swings and Waterslides’ by twelve musicians from the town.

Find out more about that here: https://warringtonmusic.co.uk/2021/02/05/warrington-musicians-come-together-to-record-swings-and-waterslides-tribute/

We played:
The Zangwills – Could I
Warrington Music – Swings and Waterslides (Viola Beach cover)
Aligners live from Allo Sound (Jumped The Gun, Get Out)
Waywell – After Disclosure
Kerry Feeney – Not Your Baby (Jazz version)
Evila – Straight From The Horses Mouth
Pink Shirts For Pale People – Call It What You Want
Rivver – Smile Back
Abi Rose Kelly – Kill The Waitress
Gareth Heesom – Ain’t Enough Whiskey (recorded for [WAM] Live Sessions)
The A.V Club – Are You Bored Yet? (Wallows live cover)
Syfta – Headlights
Pacific – Puzzle
Pacific – Life In Short
Lucy Bell – Moonlight
Marc Gallagher – 10 Years That Made Me
Jenny Colquitt – Mollys Eyes
Portalights – Zooplace [legend]
Man & the Echo – A Capable Man
Man & the Echo – White Culture
Scott Simpson – St Margaret

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