[WAM] Exposure Week 77 (21/1/21)

[WAM] Exposure Week 77 (21/1/21) (click here if the below audio button doesn’t work)

On this show we not only gave first [WAM] Exposure plays to the amazing new tracks from Jessica Luise, Aligners and Evila, but we dipped into the 2nd half of the brand new [WAM] Magazine that is available to order now! Don’t forget it is available for just the cost of postage & packaging from WArringtonMusic.bigcartel.com.

Not only did we treat you with TWO legendary tracks, but we also due to a technical fault played you a bit of Madonna! For Local music purists, we’ve taken her out of the mix sorry!

On this weeks show we played:

Marcus Man – More Than Me (Acoustic)
The Twenty Two – Just Tonight
Nineties – Nightgown
Paul Nixon – Coming To Get You
Lucy Bell – Wait
Serratone – Groovy Lucy
Kick Back Sunday’s – My Sweet Lord
Aligners – Jumped The Gun
John Rhymer – Out Like That
Jessica Luise – Nice Try
Abigail King – The Death of Naivety (Teenage Zombies) [Legend]
Muddy Elephant – Tusk
Havoc 51 – Cry Havoc
Allées – Shooting Up
Kaleiders – Melancholy
The Zangwills – Call
Gareth Heesom – Hurt (Johnny Cash cover)
Joe Hatton – False Messiah
Evila – Straight From The Horses Mouth
Seagoth – Dreamworld
Viola Beach – Boys That Sing
Alan Jacob – Angel Constellation
Spilt – Funny Money
7 Day Weekend  – Hide [Legend]

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