Watch Crawlers & Uno Mas from Edge Studio next Friday night!

Crawlers // Uno Mas, live from The Edge Recording Studio.
29/01/21, 8-9pm on [WAM] Facebook Page.

Coming together and performing as full bands for the first time in months, both guarantee music fans an unforgettable night of live music, online.

We certainly missed the loading in of equipment when it comes to gig time and for two of the brightest emerging talents in the Warrington music scene, it was a chance to turn their amps up loud and play songs wrote in lockdown.

Set in the countryside between Alderley Edge and Macclesfield, the bands were performing as part of series
of live streams started by the studio in the summer of 2020 when it was clear that audiences wanted to watch high quality live streamed performances and were willing to pay for these if it meant supporting the artists. So far the likes of The Lottery Winners, Sam Lyon, King No-One, Déjà Vega and a dozen more have put performances to film.

Whether it was the toe-tapping indie pop from Uno Mas or the hard hitting misfits Crawlers, you could not help but be captivated by performances that built on months of inactivity, bursting out. Both clearly enjoying themselves and feelings were mutual for for the crew involved. Thank you to them all! incorporated live streaming into their 2018 [WAM] Festival but even then we did not expect it to be the only way to watch live music in just a couple of years but until there comes a time that we can all feel safe in gig venues across the country, we will be desperate to get the feeling of a live performance.

This is why at the end of this month, you will be able to watch both of these great sets recorded by well renowned sound engineer John Delf (Lily Allen, James Arthur) for free on our Facebook page.

Tune in on Friday 29th January 2021, 8-9pm to share the experience with the bands and other music fans as you watch it “as live”, before it is then available to watch on demand. • Lee Harman

Watch more ticketed performances in the series at

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