[WAM] Exposure Week 72 10/12/20

Welcome to [WAM] Exposure Week 72! Click here if the below player does not load
[WAM] Exposure Week 72 10/12/20

Whilst Mike is off playing with trains, [WAM] Editor Lee once again stepped into the hot seat with two hours of brilliant music by local artists. Sorry for the delay. Christmas/ Covid/ [WAM] Magazine/ work commitments.

Played this week were:

Lottery Winners – Open Letter To Creatives
Alan Jacob – Thank God It’s Christmas
Lucy Bell – Wait
Chloe Jones – Damsel
Cursed Carnival – Black and White
Z List Tears – Warning Signs [Legend slot]
Marcus Man – Mates (acoustic)
El Misti – The Rose That poisoned the ground
The Zangwills – Call
Marc Gallagher – 10 years that made me
Foxcape – Divide The Sky
Jenny Colquitt – Mollys eyes
Scott Flying Kicks – Mild Mannered Man
“The Spotify count up!” featuring
Kaleiders – Kicks
Serratone – Groovy Lucy
Ashen Reach – Epiphany
Scratch – The New Smiths
Kerry Feeney – Baby Girl Know It (Nitsu Remix)
Filthy Tricks – 62
Syfta – Breathe
Dunebug – Alone Like Me
Pink Shirts For Pale People – I Like You Lonely
Roughneck Riot – All That We Know
The K’s – Aurora

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