[WAM] Magazine Issue 4 announced: order yours now

We are very happy to bring you the very first look at the brand new [WAM] Magazine out later on this month.
WAM Magazine Spring 2021 Front Cover WArrington Music
Click on the cover to order yours now.

It’s finally here! After our Summer 2020 issue was postponed due to the pandemic, we are back with another amazing 40-page magazine. Filled with features, reviews, interviews and much more on what makes the Warrington, Widnes & Runcorn music scene great!

In this issue:
We bring together five of the most exciting artists from around the north west as we look at the future of the scene and how we need to #LetTheMusicPlay.

• How Filthy Tricks went worldwide.
• We look back at the Viola Beach legacy five years on.
• Also, everything you need to know about The A.V Club.

Also, features on The K’s, Aligners, Crawlers, Spike Island: The Resurrection and much much more.

On the cover from left to right (Clockwise): Liam Rimmer (Filthy Tricks), Cal Bate (The A.V Club), Jessica Luise, Kyle Richardson-Nickle (Passionflower) & Holly Minto (Crawlers).

Due to local lockdown restrictions it will be harder than ever to distribute our magazines throughout the north west so for the whole of January, you will be able to get yours delivered to your doorstep for the princely sum of just £1!
We expect to receive these on the 14th January (delayed due to again, darn covid!).

Order yours here!

So, five different artists on the cover, thank you to The Post House for letting us get a a brilliant shot for the cover. So, shall we hear them all?!


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