NEW VIDEO: The Zangwills ‘Call’

The Zangwills have unveiled their Music Video for latest single ‘Call’, and it’s a throwback!

The Zangwills 2020

Written way back in 2019, the band take another dive into the use of synthesisers and the layering of multiple instruments to create textures. The song was played live for the first time at their sold-out Manchester Academy gig in February 2020. Armed with the knowledge of how well received it had been, there was a plan to record it soon afterwards however, in the end, it was July before studios reopened after lockdown.

Call is a song about missing somebody and realising how much better off you are in their company. The lyrics tell of late-night thoughts portraying almost a jealousy for the previous version of oneself who had not yet experienced these gloomy emotions.

Following on from the band’s single Could I, released on 23 October which longed for the physical connection of seeing someone, ongoing Covid restrictions mean that this time around, a phone call will have to suffice and the longing switches to this revised ambition. Just hearing the missed one’s voice is better than nothing to help get through the night. Guest backing vocals by Jess Lees reflect the softer second voice the caller seeks.

Let us know what you think of the music video!

The band have done their best to keep busy doing local restrictions, not only headlining at The Snig in Widnes for a socially distanced outdoor set, but also performing for Vintage Viola at their #StraightOutOfLockdown sessions in December.

Call is out now on all reputable streaming & download locations.

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