Time For Love – Winachi Tribe revisit debut single with Dave Tolan

“The Winachi Tribe are a phenomenon… there’s no question they have IT!” (Heidi Cuda L.A. Times Entertainment) 

 A Daft Punk & Nile Rogers fusion of electronic dance club beats, Donna Summer New York disco chic and a dash of Giorgio Moroder synths. – A1 Music

This Friday, the adrenaline-fuelled groove machine that is The Winachi Tribe release a remix of their debut single ‘Time For Love’ through A1M Records. Initially released five years ago, Dave Tolan (Primal Scream, Tears For Fears) has given it a thumping update ahead of the release of their debut album in early 2021. 

As soon as those Giorgio Moroder synths and Niles Rodgers guitars hit you, you know you’re in the grip of The Winachi Tribe. – Read our review here

Lead singer, Liam Croker‘s voice is a gritty fusion of the eccentricity of George Clinton, delivered with Shaun Ryder attitude, tempered with a white northern soul funk-rock style, reminiscent of Sly Stone. ‘Time For Love’ is full of swagger and funk. Adding to their unique funkadelia sound is acclaimed percussionist Inder Goldfinger who is best known for his work with Neighbourhood Weekend headliner Ian Brown and Fun-Da-Mental with his neo-classical tribal rhythmic style.

[WAM] has followed the bands 5-year unstoppable journey that has seen The Winachi Tribe travel from downtown Latchford to the suburbs of Hollywood through relentless hard work and a good slice of hustling. They’ve jet-set around the world, wowing at festivals and played with Grand Master Flash, Sugarhill Gang & Furious Five and The Happy Mondays. Along the way, they’ve received global radio support and clocked up hundreds of thousands of streams, picked up acclaimed U.S. songwriting awards and appeared in the L.A. Times.

The band recently signed to Howie B‘s management company ‘BeeManaged’. Howie is better known as a record producer, musician and collaborator who has worked with artists including Björk, U2, Tricky He said:

Working with Winachi is an absolute pleasure; their enthusiasm and commitment to their art/songs/funk/soul is infectious and inspiring.” 

With the new remix sounding huge, we caught up with frontman Liam Croker to talk about the the new single and what the future holds for the 12-legged juggernaught!

[WAM]: First of all the remix sounds brilliant, how did Dave Tolan come to get involved with the track?
[LC]: Thank you…we think so too. Dave came involved as he’s good friends with the owner of A1M Records [Paul Travis] who released it the first time round, Paul played him the original ‘Time For Love’ which Dave really liked and asked him to get involved with the reworking of the track which luckily he agreed to do. I think Dave’s been really sympathetic to the original but added his own twist on it…it’s more of a rework to me than a remix…it sounds awesome. 

[WAM] Being the first track The Winachi Tribe put out, was it nice to revisit after journey you’ve had so far?
[LC]: Yes totally, Time For Love kickstarted the crazy journey that we’ve all been on, without that track the WINACHI story wouldn’t of happened. It some ways it changed our lives so yes it’s great to come back to it and reflect on the last five years. It’s really has been one hell of a trip!!! Time For Love means a lot to a lot of people…the love that people have for that single is incredible.

The music video the original track features none other than Keith Allen

[WAM]: This is your first release since having signed up to legendary record producer Howie B‘s management company, what has he brought to the band which will help take things to the next level?
[LC]: Howie’s come in at exactly the right time, we’re going into the next chapter of the band’s story so Howie’s wealth of experience within the music industry is really essential to us moving forward. Above all he’s one of us…a musician, he’s done it and totally gets ‘it’. But before everything he’s a friend and someone we totally trust, it’s a great privilege to be working with him and not something we take for granted. 

[WAM]: With the new album fast approaching, does this remix draw a line in the sand for songs you’ve released already as we head to a new era?
[LC] Yes…I suppose it does. WINACHI’s always been a singles band…the next era will be different. 

[WAM]: Coronavirus has had a big impact on bands and artists? How much impact has it had on Winachi?
[LC]: It’s just stopped us playing live which sucks as we had shows booked in the US, Europe and the UK but in some ways it’s been good as its given us time to regroup and get our shit together so to speak. We’d been going at 1000mph for nearly five years so this enforced downtime has been good…but in some ways very frustrating also. I’m getting very restless now and am missing the madness…I’m ready to get back on the road!!!

[WAM]: …and with that in mind, what are your plans/ hopes for 2021?
[LC]: Singles, EP, Album, Touring (as much as we’re allowed)…music music music. Turning the people on after this shit show of a year…people need a shining light during these dark times…it’s Time For Love. 

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