Warrington Musicians throw weight behind Foodband Fundraiser – Rock The Breadline

On Sunday 8th November, Musicians from across the north west will join together in the fight to feed the nation.

Following the Government vote to deny the provision of free school meals for children in poverty across the UK during the school holidays, Rock the Breadline has formed.

As Covid-19 has brought along pressures and trials for established and up and coming musicians alike, this project aims not only to unite those who are struggling but to do so for a cause that is led by compassion and empathy. Our aim is to provide a continuous live stream event across popular social media platforms to build awareness of poverty in the UK and the work of food banks, raise donations whilst providing relief through music.

Rock the Breadline is a campaign to unite musicians across the country to raise funds for nationwide Food Banks and businesses that are providing meals for children that need them in these uncertain times.

11.05   11.25   Kerry Feeney
11.25   11.45   Lucy Bell
11.50   12.20   Passionflower
12.30   12.50   Alfie Sky
12.55   13.15   Emily Parish
13.20   13.50   Aligners
14.00   14.20   The Be Positives
14.25   14.45   Alex Crittenden
14.50   15.20   Genievieve Miles
15.30   15.50   James Lee Hindle
15.55   16.15   RACHL
16.20   16.50   Jessica Luise
17.00   17.20   Ace Ambrose
17.25   17.45   People
17.50   18.20   UNO MAS
18.25   18.45   Paul Nixon
18.50   19.10   Liam Hillyer
19.15   19.45   Indoor Foxes
19.55   20.15   Lewis James
20.20   20.40   Muddy Elephant
20.45   21.15   The A.V.Club
21.20   21.50   Filthy Tricks
21.55   22.25   Abi Rose Kelly
22.30   23.00   Syfta

Based in the North West, an area that is known for its rich musical presence, the campaign aims to highlight its new talents. Manchester, alone, has some of the poorest areas in the country, with 35.6% of its children under 16 living in poverty.*

‘I lived in poverty as a child and often went hungry so this is a very worthy cause’

– Rock The Breadline performer.

Submissions were opened to musicians to join the lineup for the online event , with the hopes that other musicians will be encouraged to join our already jam-packed-with-talent line up of diverse artists from across the country, which includes UNO MAS, Jessica Luise, The Kendos, Kerry Feeney, Ace Ambrose, The A.V Club and many more!

The campaign began in the Moss Side bedroom of local artist Jessica Luise, she says ‘I believe this event has the potential to make waves in communities. This year has been one of the most mentally and physically tasking years that I can remember and whilst a major toll has been taken on the music industry, the one taken on the lives of vulnerable children with the vote against free school meals is one that I cannot stand for.
There has been so much sadness and so much fear and sadly we fear that communities are breaking, people are breaking, our country is breaking.

With everyone’s help, we can Rock the Breadline and get the country singing again.
Keep an eye on the campaign to see how you can help and be sure to tune on on the 8th!
Instagram: @rockthebreadline2020
Facebook: @rockthebreadline2020
Twitter: @rckthebread_20

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