REVIEW: Strangers – Lonely Animals

After it’s radio premiere on [WAM] Exposure this week, Widnes/ Warrington trio, Strangers have released their latest single, Lonely Animals, in what could be an astute depiction of what it means to be human, or maybe the wildlife in Widnes is just pretty sparse!

Strangers’ sound in general is really eclectic. No pigeon holes here. Some of their previous songs may have been heavier, but we’re now being treated to a more sophisticated and calculated musical journey.

Lonely Animals builds beautifully from the start, guided by an assertive guitar riff and polished beats. It’s chilled but we’re constantly given something new as it develops into the chorus. The punchy melody is joined by a more prominent piano and the whole song is given new depth. The ascension continues with a short sample that flourishes into the guitar

The track was written and produced by the band and was recorded between Allo Sound Studios and the bands own studio, both in Widnes, and you can feel how well they work together.

With the track out now, it was followed by a music video directed by Paul Higgins and Liam McGrath, a week later.

– John Storton

Have a listen for yourself and check out Strangers’ socials via the links below.



Many thanks to John Storton for a great review. John is the managing director of Yellow Spider Media who develops effective content, social media and digital marketing strategies for businesses across the UK. Find out more here.

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