Watch performances from Vintage Viola’s Live In The Square Event now.

Fast approaching it’s fourth week, Vintage Viola have partnered up with Golden Square Warrington to bring live music back to the town for the first time in months!

The socially distanced events under the old market place roof brings together some of the town’s best up and coming artists with the likes of Jessica Luise, Flynn Murnan, Syfta and Lucy Bell performing so far

Artists will be performing every weekend until the end of August, to help raise awareness and funds for The River Reeves Foundation, which helps young people realise their dreams as actors, writers, artists, directors and musicians through grants and donations.

The live performances will run between 2pm and 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays in Old Market Place.

This weekend (8&9th) are destined to be unforgettable days. The line up is as follows:

Saturday: The A.V Club, Uno Mas & Kerry Sheree.
Sunday: Lee Egerton, Jordyn Leyland, Urban Viking & Alan Jacob.

Fear not if you’ve missed any of the artists so far, [WAM] have been on site bringing you videos from all the artists on our Youtube and Facebook pages. Find these below. If you enjoy our videos, please like and subscribe to the channel!

Find out more about The River Reeves Foundaton, Vintage Viola and their partnership with Golden Square via the Warrington Guardian here.

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