Week 42 of [WAM] Exposure on catch up now

We have just uploaded Week 42 of [WAM] Exposure to the Podbean site, but did you know there are 48 shows in total?

May 2019 saw Radio Warrington, Mike Massey and WArringtonMusic.co.uk come together to form [WAM] Exposure and give or take technical difficulties or unforeseen circumstances, we have gone out every Saturday from 5pm to give you a snapshot at the wonderful music scene out there.

Don’t believe us? Have a listen for yourself. In the latest show, we had Warrington/ Widnes three-piece, Strangers in the studio who treated us to two wonderful acoustic sessions and also had music from:.

The Winachi Tribe – Funky But Chic
Jessica Luise – Better Place
Hudsun – Shutdown
Syfta – One Step Closer

Listen to this show and many more via the [WAM] Exposure page here.

If you would like to be featured on the show or have a track played, please send file/ link to download to WArringtonMusic@gmail.com

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