Digital Album launched to support local artists

We are very proud to present a collection of songs by bands and artists from around Warrington, Widnes & Runcorn in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

For the cost of a round of drinks (£10 or pay more if you want), you can help support local artists during show cancellations and venue closures. Some of these artists are self employed within the arts and like many are in a difficult position, so this compilation album is here to show them we love local music and look forward to the return of gigs.

All money after fees will go direct to the bands and artists involved. So show some love!

1. Filthy Tricks – Walk In Line
2. THE A.V CLUB – How I Feel
3. UNO MAS – Glass Houses
4. Jessica Luise – Better Place
5. Abi Rose Kelly – James’ Corsa
6. Lee Egerton – Top of the World
7. Strangers – Jaded
8. Nineties – You
9. Havoc 51 – Weekend
10. Junior Dayvis ft. Grace-Nicole – Faking Smiles [previously unreleased]
11. Sienne – Where Is Home
12. Scott W Simpson – Eidolon [previously unreleased]
13. Sour Milk – The Gypsy King
14. The Mighty Bossmags – Rise And Fall
15. CRAWLERS – So Tired
16. Khymer Kings – Drone [previously unreleased]

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