Rivfest Q&A: Katie Mac

After playing for the first time in Warrington Katie Mac, a singer-songwriter from Huyton, Liverpool is heading straight back to the town to play Rivfest 2019 and is accompanied by a full backing band.

Katie Mac’s previous EP ‘Believe’ was produced by Sam Duckworth (of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.), and the project was funded by Merseyside Arts Foundation.

Ahead of being special guests to The Doors Alive last week at Pyramid Centre, Teah sat down with Katie to find out more about what to expect.

How did you get into music?

I grew up surrounded by it. Each side of the family were into very different music and I grew up in a road full of musicians. It was everywhere and not much has changed.

Can you describe your sound?

A lot of people seem to pick up on a kind of folk element but with the band it’s probably not a very good description of the songs especially live.

Who are your major influences?

Laura Marling and Regina Spektor!

Do you have a song writing process?

No, I haven’t really settled into any particular way of writing. It’s always a bit different.

What are the inspiration behind your lyrics?

All of my songs are about personal experiences, my family, the people who I have grown up around and the people we have lost. It can be about anything but up to now it has always been very personal.

Has your music evolved since you first started?

I’d like to think so. Lyrics wise I still use certain phrases I wrote for old songs in some of my current ones but I hope they come across better now. Also, at first I only ever played solo acoustic and now I have the band, so that makes a massive difference.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

Probably getting played on the radio!

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

I love playing gigs. It’s the most fun bit.

Is there anything you would change about the industry you’re in?

It would be lovely if people were more supportive of other musicians. I find that it is unnecessarily competitive even at the beginning of your career. Why can’t we just all be happy for each other? It’s a very boring attitude.
It would be nice if the radio actually played real and current music and helped contemporary musicians.

We all know the words to the 80’s tunes being shoved down our throats day in and day out. It’s time for change. Not just the pop stuff. There’s loads of boss things out there so why isn’t it being played?

More women everywhere. Why is it always men backing female musicians? I’d love to have girls in my band but I can’t even find any.

What advice would you give to other solo female artists?

Be yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. Even if you think they’re important they aren’t as important as you, and what you want to do

What has been your favorite venue/gig to play?

Threshold Festival in 2017 and the Palm House in 2018 were both very special. A lot came from them and we had loads of fun playing them.

Are you excited to play Rivfest?

Yes, we are very happy to have been selected to play at Rivfest. It’s a lovely event for such a good cause.

Do you get excited to play locally to Liverpool?

I think playing at home or close to home is usually scarier.

Anything exciting coming up?

I have my second EP coming out in December 2019 so that’s exciting!

Katie Mac Live

Any future goals?

Glasto, Green Man and a stable income.

What’s the best way for fans to follow you and gain access to your music?

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram /itiskatiemac and you can listen on Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube etc.

You can follow Katie Mac through her Instagram (@itskatiemac) and her Twitter (@katiemacmusic). Find all the bands music on Spotify here.

Tickets are on sale now for Rivfest ’19 priced at just £15 plus booking fee online here, or in person from the Pyramid & Parr Hall box office or Vintage Viola in the Golden Square.

Rivfest 2019 Poster

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