INTERVIEW: Nile Marr to perform at Live Bar on 5th July

Nile Marr is following in the footsteps of his famous dad – former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr – as a musician and charting a similar path.

As well as performing with Hans Zimmer’s live band to upto 70,000 people, the musician has recently held a residency a six-show residency at Manchester’s Night & Day Cafe, showcasing new material as well as old specials.

Nile Marr will be performing at Live Bar on Friday 5th July alongside Acid Child and The Bid. Tickets on sale now.

Nile Marr at Night & Day

It’s been a busy year for the mancunian who has also been working on his second album with producer Jim Spencer who more or less lived in his family home when he was a kid. Read the full interview with David Morgan at Warrington Guardian by clicking here.

We’d always have cool people in the house for various music projects or just to visit and my dad would get recognised if we went to the football.

“It was not like private jets. It was just people who would hang out at your house and play football with you in the back garden. – Nile Marr

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