Meet the acts from Warrington Music Festival – Part 2

Warrington Music Festival is almost upon us!

Tomorrow night, Old Market Place will be filled by thousands of music fans to watch FEZ, The Farm and headliner’s, Black Grape, alongside DJ set by Clint Boon.

Whilst the first day of the festival is ticketed (no there isn’t any left), Sunday is free entry all day, with fans welcome to come and go throughout a day that will see 22(!) bands and artists between 12noon and 11pm.

With so many bands on the line up you’re spoilt for choice, so we’ve spoken to six more of the bands who can tell us more about what to expect and who they are looking forward to seeing. Many thanks to The Winachi Tribe, Olly Thornton, Serratone, Crawlers, David from Thoughtune and The Bid.

Part one is available here. Many thanks to 4ft SoldiersScholar, Kula Bay, Muddy Elephant, Edits, Kaleiders & La Scala for their contribution.

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Want to know more about Warrington Music Festival? Head to our dedicated section here.

Throughout the years we’ve photographed tons of bands and filmed many a video.

For photo galleries head to our Facebook page whereas our Youtube page will be your best bet for videos.

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Save this handy guide to your camera roll so you always know when to see your favourite bands. Enjoy the Festival!

The Winachi Tribe Set

The Winachi Tribe

Members: Liam Croker Vocals / Antony Egerton Keys / Inder Goldfigner Percussion / Mike Bee Guitar / Richie Rich Bass / Sammy T Drums.

Stage time: 10:30pm

What do you sound like: Winachi is an Electro Funk Sonic Soul Collective…If Funkadelic spewed up Primal Scream then you might be getting close to our sound…as common as Chickens lips.

What do you have lined up post Festival: We’re gonna be touring extensively throughout the year. Finishing our album. We’ve also got a number of big international collaborations which are set to be released throughout the summer.
We’ve got a BIG summer lined up!!!

Highlights from previous Festivals: One of my most memorable moments from previous festivals is Rowetta jumping onstage with us the night after the Mondays had headlined the festival to perform our track ‘Our Dylan’ with us…that was a mint night / festival.t.

Who you looking forward to seeing:  Think The Farm will be the dark Horse of the festival…meant to be great live but Black Grape are an amazing live band. We’ve performed with them at many festivals and Kermit is a personal friend. (Liam)

Olly Thornton & the Shirts

Olly Thornton & The Shirts

Members: Olly Thornton – lead guitar & vocals, Loz Coates – drums & Martin Coates – upside down wrong way round bass player.

Stage time: 3pm

What do you sound like: Some say we remind them of a smiths vibe but ultimately we have no idea… what we do know is our influences range from rock, pop, jazz and blues. With love for hundreds of bands from all points in time. Which gives us a unique, multi influenced sound.

Who you looking forward to seeing: Looking forward to seeing The bid and Kula Bay!

What do you have lined up post Festival: We’re taking a small break after the festival and curating a new band name, with an extra guitarist and a brand spanking new tune to be release! (We hope in summer). Which we can only say is the best thing the band has ever made together!

Highlights from previous Festivals: This is my first Festival, so cannot wait! (Olly)



Members: EvilA, el Tribe, Robotic

Stage time: 7:30pm

What do you sound like: 3 vocalists, all self produced music at home and then we add it to the mixer/turntable. We all have a huge variety of sounds between us so i feel its a very unique blend when we come together. Our music has a lot of different styles from rock, blues, funk but mostly hiphop as a collective.

Who you looking forward to seeing: Looking forward to seeing a lot of acts this year, Filthy Tricks, Serratone, Winachi and also we have heard great things of The Lotts so overall it will be a great show.

What do you have lined up post Festival: We have many videos to release as our team has our own director and filmographer T.freeman, we are blessed to be able to produce more and more for the audiences.

Its been a year since we started and it has been an amazing journey. We just want to thank all of those who have supported us through it all including the Warrington Guardian, Steve Oates and yourselves [WAM]. Its very much appreciated

EvilA Thoughtune Highlights from previous Festivals:  It was actually  in 2018. It was the first day we introduced Robotic to the stage so for us it was a real iconic moment last year, though me personally i have had many magic moments with (previous band) Lazy Fader. (David, EvilA)



Members: Holly Minto (Vocals and Trumpet), Amy Woodall (Guitar), Liv Ketle (Bass) and Ben Mckeown

Stage time: 5pm

What do you sound like: We are an alternative rock band, combining heavy riffs with brass. Our main influences would be, Royal Blood, Red Hot Chill Peppers and The Strokes.

Who you looking forward to seeing: Kula Bay! always good to have a sing along with them

What do you have lined up post Festival:We are especially looking forward to playing with Witch Fever on June 1st at Live Bar! Following this we are hoping to record some new music.



Members: Joe Hill (guitar/lead vocals) , Oliver Nash- (Drums/backing vocals), Ben Cunliffe-(Bass/backing vocals)

Stage time: 9:30pm

What do you sound like: Alternative rock/indie. Bands who influence us include Arctic Monkeys, Rage Against The Machine, Idles & The blinders.

Who you looking forward to seeing: Excited for all really but will be great to see our friends in Scholar, Kaleiders, The Lotts and Filthy Tricks smash it out! (Joe)

The Bid

The Bid

Members: Joe Hatton (Guitar/Vocals), Lindsay Hatton (Keys/Vocals), Matt Selman (Bass), Lewis Roberts (Drums)

Stage time: 4:30pm

What do you sound like: A style that mixes Americana-folk with a British indie sensibility (imagine a Tennessee dive bar was dropped into a Northern council estate).

Who you looking forward to seeing: Filthy Tricks, Olly Thornton and Hollow Vandals.

What do you have lined up post Festival: We are having a break from gigging, mainly because I do so bloody much of it I get bored!
We’ve recently started recording a mammoth list of songs, I’d say about 3 albums worth at least. So, that should keep up busy for a while.

Highlights from previous Festivals: My favourite moment was seeing Liam Rimmer on that stage for the first time (2017). That kid was born to do his thing in front of as many people that this wonderful planet will allow. Proper front man and made me very proud! (Joe)

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