Meet the acts from Warrington Music Festival – Part 1

Warrington Music Festival is almost upon us!

This weekend, over 22 local bands will play the Old Market Place Stage in the Golden Square alongside Shaun Ryder’s Black Grape and The Farm. Whilst the Saturday has sold out of all allocated tickets, the Sunday is completely free and doesn’t require a Ticket.

With so many bands on the line up you’re spoilt for choice, so we’ve spoken to seven of the bands who can tell us more about what to expect and who they are looking forward to seeing. Many thanks to 4ft SoldiersScholar, Kula Bay, Muddy Elephant, Edits, Kaleiders & La Scala. We hope to bring you part 2 later in the week.

Sunday 5th May Warrington Music Festival fin.jpg

Want to know more about Warrington Music Festival? Head to our dedicated section here.

Throughout the years we’ve photographed tons of bands and filmed many a video.

For photo galleries head to our Facebook page whereas our Youtube page will be your best bet for videos.

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Save this handy guide to your camera roll so you always know when to see your favourite bands. Enjoy the Festival!

4ft Soldiers, well overdue a new band photo!
4ft Soldiers, well overdue a new band photo after a 10 year hiatus!


Members: Jim Green (Vocals) Stewart Thomson (Guitar),
Dave Green (Bass) Gray Jones (Drums)

Time on stage: 5:30pm

What do you sound like: Combining different parts of indie, rock, glam, post-punk and pop all into a big mash. If we could describe ourselves as a movie, it would probably be Emmanuelle III.

Who are you looking forward to seeing: The Winachi Tribe always put on a great show. We’ve not seen any of the other bands so looking forward to all of them!

What do you have lined up post Festival: We’re hoping to get back into the studio to record some of the tracks we should have laid down before we went on a hiatus! Also we’ve had a few new tracks we’ve wanted to work on ready for some future gigs (hopefully we don’t have another 10 year break)!

Highlights from previous Festivals:  Our previous Warrington Music Festival appearance was the very first one back in 2007(!) on Queens Gardens alongside bands such as Exile Parade, Chine White, Sly Digs, Bill Davro, The Stocks and The Vandahls! We’ve been mere spectators since but its amazing to see how the festival has grown… Last years headlines Fun Lovin’ Criminals were quality!



Members: Liam (Vocals/ Guitar), James (Vocals/ Guitar),
Joe (bass), Ryan (drums)

Stage time: 3:30pm

What do you sound like?: We sound like uplifting rock and roll.

Who you looking forward to seeing: A few actually. Serratone, Thoughtune and the headline band, The Winachi Tribe I’d say will be what were mostly looking forward to. The whole day looks good with the lineup!

Kula Bay Beach

Kula Bay

Members: David Hindle (lead vocals / rhythm guitar), Max Wright (Bass),
Matt Carney – (lead guitar), Oli thomas (Drums)

Stage time: 10pm

What do you sound like: At the moment we’re influenced by a lot of 80s music , all the synth sounds and guitar lines ect. A big influence at the moment is also Talking Heads – definitely in terms of performance and delivery.

Who you looking forward to seeing: We’re good friends with The Lotts and think they’ll smash it !

What do you have lined up post Festival: A week after the festival we head down to Brighton to play at alternative escape ( part of great escape) and at the moment we are continuously recording new music.

Highlights from previous Festivals: My favourite moment as from last years when I sat on the wedges at the front ect – I feel for us it was a bit of a turning point in the performance and Festival helped the band a lot. (David)

Kula Bay Crowd Lip Warrington Music Festival 2018
David at the 2018 event

Muddy Elephant

Muddy Elephant

Members: Sam Passey (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Tom Smeatham (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals), Barney Huxtable (Lead Guitar), Andy Happer (Drums)

Stage time: 4pm

What do you sound like: Alternative indie rock, 80s vibe. ‘The casually-delivered vocal, breezy lead licks and sugar-sweet melodies all contribute to the effortless feel that instantly appeals, and it is this pop-savviness that could propel this band to bigger things.’ – Design a Gig (2018) Influences: The Smiths, The Cure, Joy Division, Editors, Foals, Two Door Cinema Club.

Who you looking forward to seeing: Kula Bay and Hanover

What do you have lined up post Festival: We have a gig at The Albion in Warrington on Saturday 27th April, a local charity gig on 18th May and a headline gig at Jimmy’s in Manchester on the 27th July. We are also in the process of mixing our next single which will be out in the next month with a video too!

Highlights from previous Festivals: This is our first festival so we’re looking to create some memorable moments on the day!


La Scala

Members: Nathan Greenfield (Vocals + Guitar), Elliot Joynson (Lead Guitar),
Kurtis Murphy (Drums, backing vocals) and Arthur Pennington (Bass)

Stage time: 6:30pm

What do you sound like: We are indie pop/rock band inspired by bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Kings of Leon etc. However we all have a taste for older artists such as Eagles, America and Elton John.

Who you looking forward to seeing: We always enjoy watching Kula Bay and bands like The Lotts and Hollow Vandals, who we have played gigs with before.

What do you have lined up post Festival: We are looking to record a single very soon and have more gigs lined up such as a headliner at The Studio on May 31st.



Members: Liv (Vocals and Synths) & Chris (Guitar)

Stage time: 1.30pm

What do you sound like: We’re somewhere between synthpop and post-rock with hints of Chvrches, The XX & Radiohead.

Who you looking forward to seeing:  We’re looking forward to seeing Hanover as we’ve heard great things about them and we know their guitarist from his previous projects which were awesome.

What do you have lined up post Festival: We have a new single called ‘Burn’ hopefully coming out this summer, we’re also looking forward to playing at Dead Dead Good Weekend in Northwich on the 10th of May.

Highlights from previous Festivals: When we played a couple of years ago, there were a couple of little girls right at the front who came and asked for our autographs after our set which we found hilarious but very sweet!



Members: Matt McClenan – Guitar/Vocals George Margereson – Bass guitar Alex Highcock – Drums

Stage time: 1pm

What do you sound like: We take inspiration from classic British rock combined with American Punk music, we bring a unique and electrifying sound to the stage.

What do you have lined up post Festival: We’re hoping to be playing our second London show in the weeks following the festival, this show will hopefully land us a slot at the Isle of Wight Festival [Best of Luck! – Ed]. Following this we are planning on recording a 3 – 4 track EP over the summer.

Who you looking forward to seeing:  Most looking forward to seeing both Kula Bay and Serratone play as it’s been a while since we’ve had chance to play on the same lineup as the guys in both bands.

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