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Have something you want to bring to [WAM]? Let us know. at its core, is a love letter to grassroots music and in particular, the bands and artists who make up the live music scene in the local area.

We want to cover even more events taking place in Warrington, Widnes and Runcorn but with the majority of the site and events being ran by one person, we cannot do half of what we are asked to do, never mind what we want to do.

1+ New Music writer (singles/ albums)
1+ Live Music & events writer
1+ Video Editor
1+ Feature Editor

This is a perfect opportunity to add to your portfolio, gain experience writing for a site viewed by hundreds each week or embrace a new challenge to create engaging content for like minded music fans like yourself.

We’re looking for people who can provide regular live reviews, track reviews or features on bands/events (from Q&A’s to editorials). Not only could you see your articles on the website, but you could also see your work in our biyearly physical [WAM] Magazine.

Get in touch if you have any questions or want to be involved. We’d like local music fans to get involved but music reviews can be open to anyone. Interested? Email us at

We’d also love it if existing musicians got in touch. From mental health to gig booking tips, share your knowledge.

*please note we are unable to pay for any submissions as [WAM] is funded privately*

Thank you for reading.

Lee Harman
[WAM] Editor

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