#TT [WAM] Compilation 1

Here’s a throwback for you! On the 8th Decmeber 2012, [WAM] released its very first compilation featuring some of the towns favourite bands. With likes of Exile Parade, Kindest of Thieves and 7 Day Weekend no longer together, it gives a glimpse into the Warrington Music Scene at the time.

Many of the bands and artists continue to make music, including Kye Jones who has launched a brand new band (Guerilla Skyz) and The Thought Police, Dientes and of course, former Warrington Music Festival headliners The Ambersons.

I remember sitting in the communal area of a hostel in London clicking the launch button on the night, and watching hundreds of downloads in a matter of hours over a drink well done. Almost 2000 free track downloads have taken place from this compilation alone with thousands across the years. Why not download all releases and get some fantastic music on your iPod or car stereo.

The Line up:

  1. Dientes – Mission Ray
  2. Richard Caddock – I Trust What You Tell Me
  3. The Thought Police – 1983 03:01
  4. The Anecdotes – Dandylions
  5. Dan Solan – Hands On Another
  6. Kye Jones – Questions
  7. The Ambersons – Vampyres
  8. 7 Day Weekend – Kingdoms
  9. Johnny Jet – She Knows
  10. Tainted Memories – Maybe I’m Wrong
  11. Kindest Of Thieves – Some Place Like Paris (Alice)
  12. The God Complex – Karma
  13. Sonnic Image – Sunday Sofa Sisters
  14. Antelopes – I Need Somebody
  15. Exile Parade – Moviemaker

If you prefer to use Spotify nowadays, why not check out our ‘Sound of Warrington’ playlist now!

WAM [WAM] WArrington Music Sound of Warrington Playlist Spotify

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