LIVE REVIEW & INTERVIEW: Cobolt Collision at Old Town House


Cobolt Collision
Cobolt Collision

The first thing that can be noted when regarding the Preston-hailed rock group, is their confidence in their trade. Unlike most small-town rock groups, Cobolt Collision (Jessie – Vocals; Robert – drums, Jimmy – guitar, Ryan – bass)  are made up of a group of not only talented musicians, but confident and laidback performers, as if they are always playing in a rehearsal room.

My first experience of this band were at a Preston nightclub venue, called 53 Degrees, where they supported the infamous 2008 staple band Electric Six. I, originally speculative as to why Electric Six chose to open with a genre not entirely encompassing of their own musical direction, soon realised why they were entirely well suited; the band’s un-intimidating self-assurance and conviction of their own creations.

Having spoken to Jessie, the lead singer, I was met with a level of gratitude and friendliness not often seen in performers of this genre. I explained that I was not local to Preston, but from Warrington, and she immediately was interested in the lengths I’d gone to to see Electric Six. She immediately told me they would soon be playing Warrington, and personally took it upon herself to let me know the date and location of this event, something that I was very grateful for, as having interacted with musicians for as long as I have, I’m aware of the ease with which they slump back into their metaphorical seats once the complimenting stops.

Cobolt Collision are certainly able to command a room’s attention, especially with opening song ‘Black Dog’. Drummer Rob’s opening Metallica influenced-beat immediately makes the listener stop their conversation and take note. Once combined with Jessie’s heartfelt opening lines presented in her unique Motley Crue-esque vocals (do you hear me out there? Do you even know my name?) an audience is spellbound.

I managed to speak to the drummer, Rob, about where Cobolt Collision, nee Into The Blue, came from.

“Jimmy and I met at Uni, but it took us until third year to actually make music together,” he laughs.  “We started by jamming together, and after Ryan was given a bass by his then girlfriend, we essentially nagged him into joining us in jamming.”

He told me that their musical influences are incredibly diverse, which “works in our favour, in a way, because none of our songs ever sound the same”. Jessie, an ‘old school rocker’ vocalist, is highly influenced by hair and glam metal, such as Kiss. Robert, drums, is highly influenced by Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold, which shows in his contribution to the band’s music. Jimmy, is influenced by classic Blues guitarists such as Hendrix, and Ryan, the bassist, seems to  have the most modern music taste, taking inspiration from eclectic upbeat selections such as Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood, something very obvious in their song ‘All About Me’, which is almost reminiscent of ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’.

Rob also told me that, due to their varied music tastes, all of the songs develop very organically, and each member gives their input in a way which adapts their own influences to make something cohesive.

The female-fronted four piece, as well as playing alongside Electric Six, have also had a lot of big opportunities in their own right, having played alongside Mutant Monsters most recently, and Scouting for Girls on the main stage of Aspatria festival in 2017. The band are currently working on an album, due to be released in January 2019, which goes to show it’s nowhere but up from here. 

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