Final #Unsigned on Wire FM this Friday

wire fm wam header

All good things to an end, that much is true, which sadly means that this weeks #Unsigned on Wire FM (number 75!) will be the last, following changes at the station.

I would like to thank everyone at the Station who has helped bring 158 tracks and over 81 different artists to listeners over the past 18 months. Especially Roy, Helen, Aaron and Ste. A massive thank you to Dominic Walker who got the feature moving after I emailed the station to get more local, often unsigned artists onto the station.

It’s been great to give some artists their first radio play through the feature, but due to upcoming changes, it is not possible to continue the feature.

I believe all existing weeks will remain on the site (couple weeks that need to be uploaded).

Hope you enjoyed what [WAM] brought to you and we will be sure to carry on bringing you great music through and everything else that we have planned. It’ll be nice to have a week where I don’t have to sit in the back seat of the car with a jacket over my head. But what to play for the final week…? Be sure to listen from 1:30pm this Friday.

Bands & artists to have been featured on #Unsigned ..16 Jackals ,
32 Tens , Alan Triggs , Billy Bibby & The Wry Smles , Black Pulp , Black Sonic Revolver , Brothers Of Mine , Calling Alaska , Carl North & the Lonely Hearts , Chasing Tides , Conquer Rio , Delphina Kings , Dirty Berns , Dolly Girls , Edits , Ellie Dibben , Evila, Federal Charm, Fez , Fickle Friends , Fireflys , Floral Scene ,Fuzzy Sun , Gareth Heesom , Hanover , Havoc 51 , Hello Mabel , Heroine , Holy Drone , Isobel Whittaker , Jack Woodward , Jeremiah Ferrari , Joe Hatton , Kaleiders , Kerry Sheree , Kula Bay , Kye Jones , KYNGS , Last Bee On Earth , Man & The Echo , Michigan , Milestones , Mo Jamil , Model Aeroplanes , Neptune Valley , NoOneSun , Off The Grid , Olly Thornton , Oxbloods , Pacific , Phase 3 , Priestley , Project Number 1 , Psyblings , Puppet Theory , Roughneck Riot , Ryker Sear , Sam Lyon , Serratone , SlowHandClap , Sly Antics , Slydigs , Space , Sweet Release , Symbiont , The Ambersons , The Capitals , The Diamond Bays , The Diving Bell , The K’s , The Lottery Winners , The Luka State , The Navettes , The Rainband , The RPMs , The Tamalas , The Winachi Tribe , The Zangwills , Vicky Williams , Voodoo Blood  & Weekend Wars ,

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