Jack Woodward & The Zangwills feature in penultimate Wire FM #Unsigned

It’s sad but true! Friday 28th September will be our last #Unsigned on Wire FM ahead of station/network changes. Which is why we are featuring two of our favourite artists over the past 75 weeks. Which is lucky as they both have new music out!

Releasing their debut single just back in December,  northwest indie four-piece, The Zangwills release their debut EP, Patio Paradise this Friday. ‘It’s Really Up to You’ includes four tracks including their last single ‘Patio Paradise’.

Jake’s vocals and lyrics perfectly capture the angsty vulnerability of young relationships which make the songs universally relatable. Great work from these, who are only 17! You’ll find them playing everywhere to head to their Facebook for more details.

Released today (Thursday), Look Looking Around is the brand new single by Jack Woodward, a singer-songwriter from Lymm who was invited to perform on the X Factor Live Tour in Brighton to 4500 people! A little more rough and ready than previous tracks, which helps convey the message in the lyrics. Jack has had a busy 12 months and it’s been great to support a genuinely nice guy. Champion!

As we look to the final Unsigned next Friday, we’d love to hear from you what your favourite track/ artist has been, and who we should be playing?

As always, tune into 107.2 Wire FM on Friday from 1:30pm or head to www.WireFM.com/unsigned

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