Old Town House launch fundraiser

Old Town House Warrington

After being reopened by Jen Burgess and Caitlin Costello in June 2017, the Old Town House on Buttermarket Street has been hosting bands from across the world, as well as hosting regular quiz/game nights, food banks and fostering a community space for all.

But with bars and music venues closing daily across the UK, in their own words, dear friends, Old Town House needs your help.

Just over a year ago we took over this venue, our reasoning for this was solely based on our passion for live music and our love of the DIY scene. And, with the help of lots of lovely punks and a lot of hard work, managed to turn it into a really beautiful space with a view to providing a platform for local musicians, a venue for touring artists and a safe space for like-minded people to come together. 

Since opening our doors we’ve hosted almost 150 gigs and had over 400 bands – local, national and international- grace our stage. We’ve also become very popular for our food menu which provides customers with Veggie, vegan and Meat varieties of all our menu items in-house and to take away. 

We have always tried to give the bands that play here a memorable experience by delivering the kind of hospitality we’ve enjoyed so much when gigging and touring ourselves. And it seems like we’re starting to make a name for ourselves on this little DIY scene we love so much – something which makes us very proud and gives us reason to carry on doing this. 

Since day One, none of the core members of OTH have received a wage and have instead strived to provide the best deal for our acts whilst putting everything else back into the business. Unfortunately, because the current climate for running any sort of bar/ venue is extremely difficult -especially when you’re trying to do something as unconventional as we are – we have had a constant battle this year to stay afloat and our future at the moment is uncertain.

Having exhausted all other avenues and we are now turning to our supporters to help us stay open and continue to bring you an incredible array of live music, great food and other awesome entertainment. Anything we receive through this campaign will help us to do this.

So if you’ve ever been through our doors, played a gig, listened to the awesome bands, had a drink with us, had a laugh with us and want to help us carry on trying to do what we do, please drop us whatever you can, share this for us or just come and have a pint.

Massive thanks

The OTH lot x

Almost £2500 has been raised so far, you can donate now by clicking here.

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