NEW VIDEO: Rivfest headliners’ The Lottery Winners film Little Things

The Lottery Winners
The Lottery Winners with River’s family

THIS time next week, Rivfest will be in full flow, taking place across the town centre, but on the Friday night (13th July), Parr Hall is hosting a very special breakthrough show including Warrington band, Kula Bay alongside The Bohos, No Hot Ashes and headliner’s, The Lottery Winners.

They recently went to into the Dock10 studio where The Jeremy Kyle Show is filmed at MediaCity with Fin Reeves, brother of Viola Beach Guitarist to shoot a video to promote the Festival.

Fin who works at Dock10 said: “It was amazing. It kind of came out of nothing. I was asked if I could shoot a video to promote RivFest and it kind of grew from there. A few people from work got on board and took it on as a side project.

We wanted it to have a stripped back studio look so you could almost see the cameras and the backdrop was just the studio walls.  – Fin Reeves

Let us know what you think of the video below.
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Once you’ve watched that, check out the other bands that are playing.

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