INTERVIEW: Fun Lovin’ Criminals

Fun Lovin Criminals

Fans can expect a very ‘New York’ gig

They may be one of the very quintessential New York band, fusing together rock, hip-hop blues and occasional Tarantino film quote or two. But after cutting their teeth in the clubs, but many may not know that all three members of Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Huey Morgan, Brian ‘Fast’ Leiser drummer Frank Benbini all now live in the UK. May also missed that frontman Huey is a DJ for BBC Radio 6.

If you’ve already grabbed your Scooby Snacks or wondering why everybody is going Loco for the ‘Crims, head over to the Warrington Guardian website where David Morgan asks all about getting signed after an early show, their next album and their special relationship with the city that never sleeps.

Fun Lovin Criminals top the Warrington Music Festival line up after an all day showcase of Warrington and north west talent. This Event is free and no ticket is required.

“Some people know your music, some don’t. So there’s that energy of trying to win everybody over. We’re all in it together to have a good party.”

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