Psymmetry Collective return to The Lounge with Serratone headlining

Psymmetry Collective showcase A MUSIC collective spearheaded by a former St Gregory’s RC High School student will be showcasing four upcoming bands tomorrow, Friday.

The line-up includes Serratone, Newton’s heavy riff driven trio, Yorkshire’s Black Pudding, Wigan fuzz rockers Shallow Waters and Manchester funksters Queasy.

The Psymmetry Collective gig will be at The Lounge in Springfield Street where Viola Beach cut their teeth and it kicks off at 8pm.

Greg Dixon, one of the organisers, said: “Basically we’ve been throwing these Psymmetry Collective nights at The Lounge for around 11 months now, with our first featuring Slowhandclap and Spilt.

“This time around we’ll have a bumper edition with more bands than usual. These shows are essentially a celebration of anything a little loud and leftfield, raising awareness not only of the bands in the town, but the potential for bands from outside of it to come in with the right promotion and line ups.”

Tickets are £4 from or £5 on the door.

Here is the lineup in Greg’s own words:


Warrington/Manc/Leeds based 3 piece with riffs and tones sharper than cramps in the middle of August, Serratone have just released ‘Sweet Disease’ to a great reception. This is one of their first headline shows, and their first show with Psymmetry Collective.

Black Pudding

Yorkshire based and lip rug clad triangular doom salad Black Pudding make their 2nd appearance under Psymmetry just one week before they take the stage at Wrong Festival. These guys have been knocking audiences out of the park both sides of the pond having achieved airplay on KEXP and more.

Shallow Waters

3 lovely, but absolutely fuming lads from Wigan taking the stage with their politcially motivated, fuzz laden and quite frankly well dressed output coming to tear out the room after a very interesting Midnight jam with us at our last showcase.


Funkier than a first years sock draw but with slightly less regret. Queasy are Manchester’s primary funk dispensers and now are looking to leave a nice thick layer of funk slightly around your mouth, so you can taste it just enough to know it’s there. Not enough to do anything about it though… cos you know, it’s kinda nice?

Psymmetry Collective showcase

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