Warrington Guardian reviews #5YearsOfWAM at Parr Hall


…Slydigs’ homecoming proved in one glorious night how strong and distinctive Warrington music is – and that the future is looking bright.

The ‘Five Years of [WAM]’ concert featured four acts who are all from the town or just outside including Slydigs, Winachi Tribe, The Ks and Psyblings.

Often when you go to a showcase like this, where the bands have come from the same scene, all the music can end up sounding alike. But what was so impressive about this particular gig was how diverse the artists’ styles were.

Read the full review in this weeks Warrington Guardian or online here.

Thank you to David for joining us during the day, head to the weblink to see a sneak peak of Slydigs making their way from the dressing room to the stage!

See photos of Slydigs, shot by Dave Gillespie via Warrington Guardian here.

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