Viola Beach: Has it really been two years?

Has it really been two years? The time remains vivid in my mind, and in the mind of many. Friends, family were lost and times looked dark. Out of such sorrow came so much light. Friends reunited, passions reignited, the town stood together. A band from Warrington got a number 1 album! Today we celebrate their lives and their passions as our own, because the Boys That Sing will always be a part of us.

[WAM] Profile:  River Reeves, Kris Leonard, Tom Lowe & Jack Dakin
Viola Beach top the album charts!
Viola Beach got to “headline” Glastonbury
Click on the image to see photos from the celebration at the Parr Hall
Front page of Warrington Guardian, February 2017
viola beach
Both BBC Introducing & Reading/Leeds Festival paid tribute to the band were on the brink of stardom

Viola Beach, a loss for all 14/2/16

Remembering Viola Beach and Craig Tarry, two years on (Warrington Guardian)


On the 16th March, we will look to pay tribute to Viola Beach. Our show was the first to be booked at the Parr Hall for an grassroots Warrington Artist since theirs which never took place, I am conscious of how much of an impact they had on the music scene, as artists, friends and the legacy of the band & Craig Tarry.

[WAM] Editor

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