INTERVIEW: The K’s talk Parr Hall, Sarajevo & Future plans

Playing our #5YearsOfWAM show on the 16th March are The K’s and what a year it is lining up to be for the band from Newton-Le-Willows. January has already seen the band sign a management deal, play at the Etihad Stadium and see their debut single ‘Sarajevo’ hit over half a million streams on Spotify!

Sarajevo SpotifyIn advance of their performance at the Parr Hall alongside Slydigs, The Winachi Tribe and Psyblings, we caught up with singer/guitarist of the band, Jamie Boyle to talk about that track, playing the Parr Hall and plans for 2018

[WAM]: So, the debut single ‘Sarajevo’ has just surpassed half a million streams on Spotify, which is an incredible amount for a debut single, never mind from an unsigned artist. That must feel pretty good?
Jamie Boyle (JB): Yeah, the response to our debut single has been amazing and to smash half a million plays in less than 6 months after releasing it is brilliant. The support from our fans never fails to amaze us and definitely makes everything we do worthwhile.

[WAM]: Few tracks ever refer to significant political events in modern history, tell us about where your inspiration come for this track and how it all came together.
(JB): I was actually just reading a book about WW1 one night, as random as that sounds, and I immediately took inspiration from it. I got my notebook and acoustic out and started writing. I’d say lyrically it’s the song I’m most proud of.

[WAM]: The K’s have already played their first show of the year, on a huge stage outside the Etihad Stadium before Manchester City took on Newcastle. What was that like?
(JB): City Square was brilliant. The response was phenomenal and to get so much good feedback on that scale is overwhelming in the best possible way.

[WAM]: I saw someone comment on your Facebook page that they thought you were the best pre match band since The 1975, high praise indeed!
(JB): Yeah, to get comments like that about such well established artists is always great. Especially when they’ve had so many bands play there in the years between. 

[WAM]: The band play at the Parr Hall on 16th March as part of the #5YearsOfWAM celebration, but this isn’t the first time you have played the venue. As an artist, what is it like to play such an iconic venue in Warrington? 
(JB): Me and Dexter played here a few years back under the name The K’s supporting the clone roses, and we thoroughly enjoyed our set. To play in such an iconic venue of that size as teenagers was great! We split up for a few years not long after before getting the band back together with a new lead guitarist and drummer in January 2017.

[WAM]: What can we expect from The K’s at the Parr Hall? Any surprises?
(JB): You’ll have to wait and see!

[WAM]: This year has seen the K’s sign with Republic Music Management, home of Stillia amongst others, does that add any pressure on the band or is it more a validation of what you’re doing.
JB: No, not at all. In fact it’s the complete opposite. Since signing with Republic we now have professionals dealing with all the things we struggled to and don’t know how to do ourselves, leaving us with much more time to focus on writing and performing.

[WAM]: What else can we expect from The K’s in 2018? 
JB: We have lots of very big plans for this year, but I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to talk about. You’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled!
[WAM]: and finally, who should everyone be looking out for?
JB: There’s so many fantastic up and coming bands about who we have had the pleasure of playing with. There’s too many to mention! Special tips of the hat will always go to Stillia and Slydigs from us, though.

The K’s play alongside Slydigs, The Winachi Tribe & Psyblings on Friday 16th March. Tickets are available from either or Eventbrite.

Please note less than a quarter of standing tickets are available online!

Join the event page by clicking on the image.

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