Antelopes and friends return to Lounge 22nd Dec – Free entry

Tomorrow, Friday 22nd December, Psymmetry Collective presents:
Antelopes, Slowhandclap & SPILT (Free Entry)

XMAS TIME and t’is the season again to roast your chestnuts and shine your baubles, come and celebrate with Psymmetry Collective and Bad Mother Clothing! Live bands, loud noise and a metric ton of cheer.

Live Music From:


Lo-fi Garage Rock 3-piece band and glorious gracious creatures of the wilderness, ‘Antelopes’ headline the evening with their noise, after recently returning to the scene to leave a little something under your tree… and Antelopes are kind of like reindeer, right?

‘We have warm hearts and questionable fashion senses but a passion to put on a good show,’


Triangular fuzz riffage and Psymmetry mainstays and Bradley Walsh’s 2nd favorite band, Slowhandclap return to The Lounge to throw a nice bit of festive angst and face-meltacious riffage once again before they hit 2018 hard.

Check out their video they dropped earlier this year, ‘Vertigo’ here:


Kind of like ‘The Green One’ in boxes of Quality street except for LOADS OF FUZZ.



Join the Facebook event page here

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