On the Compilation: Meet 16Jackals

16Jackals 16Jackals

Throughout the month of May we will be asking the bands from the Warrington Music Festival Compilation about their experiences, and what they are looking forward to during the long weekend of music, 26-28th May.

Visit our Festival section for all details.

Warrington Music Festival weekend! New for this year, the first night of the Festival will take place over 10 venues, one of those is to be headlined by 16Jackals (formerly Cassette), over at the Anima Jazz Bar. Find the full lineup and clash finder to help you plan your evening here.

Stage Time: 11pm Anima Jazz, Friday 26th

One Sentence to describe your band/ track: Alt/Rock,  with rhythmic influences from bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age, melody lines influenced from bands like Dave Mathews and Counting Crows, with elements of classic rock artists.

Favourite Warrington Music Festival Moment?: It’s too much of a blur!!

Who are you looking forward to seeing at this year’s festival?: Everyone!

What are your plans after the Festival in the next few months?:
We’ve another guitarist that’s recently joined the band, we’re launching some new material and potentially shooting a video. Our next gig after the festival is at FAC251 in Manchester on 10th June supporting Glass Mountain, which we can’t wait for!

Thanks guys! Hands Tied is available now to download for free on the WArringtonMusic.co.uk Festival Compilation. Available to download from the below.

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