Slydigs, in their own words


Slydigs, played the very first Warrington Music Festival in 2007, since then they have had opportunities they could never have anticipated, touring across the world with iconic band The Who, and carving out a name for themselves with some fantastic tracks over 4 EP’s and one album. With 2017 their 2nd year as headliner (the first coming in 2013), what better way to get to know front man, Dean Fairhurst, than to ask the important questions, using the bands own song titles.

Never To Be Tamed (Never To Be Tamed Album) – The bands had a reputation for the rock and roll life, is that still the case?
[Haha] who’ve you been speaking to? I think we’ve always known how to entertain ourselves. Even before we were in a band. There’s always time for celebration when things are going well but you need to keep a cap on it. Easy past your grandma’s and all that. You need be focused a lot more when your doing your own tours as people pay good money to come and see you and if your not on your top game it never works out as good as it could be if your laggin’ a bit. 

We live in a new age anyway. We don’t drink before we go on stage as we used to do. strict two drink policy, as close to it anyway. You can understand why so many artist lose there way though, especially when you come off from a gig. It’s hard to wind down from all that adrenaline. You need to be able to find a happy medium. We’ve done all that nonsense in the past anyway. I’ve partied harder than most bands party in there life time so I try to keep away from it as best I can.

There’s a lot of waiting around on tours so it can be difficult to keep a clear head but needs must in this game. We pick our moments shall we say.

Ain’t No Place Like Nowhere (Never To Be Tamed) – Where do you love to play?
I love Germany. We’ve had some amazing gigs over there in the past year or two. They seem to get the whole rock and roll thing over there better than most. Glasgow is always a raucous show as most places are in Scotland. And of course Warrrington/Manchester way. They know how to have the party at a gig. I’m looking forward to playing places like Newcastle and Sheffield.

The Truth Will Be Found (Suburban Confinement EP) – Tell us something about you/band we’d never know
I always wanted to act in some way. I’ve always love theatre. I hope to write a script one day. I’ve had a few ideas for things but nothing in the pipeline for my own thing. I’m hopefully going to be working on a few projects this year incorporating live music and theatre so you’ll have to keep your eyes out for that. I was obsessed with the stage from a young age and that side of stage performance has always inspired me. Play writes like Bertolt Brecht, Barrie Keeffe, Henrik Ibsen always seemed to inspire something in me when I’ve seen or read some of their work. I used to do a little bit of acting in high school and I always wished I’d kept something up from there. Not the biggest fan of musicals but when it’s done right I don’t mind it.


Hellfire Blues (Never To Be Tamed) – You’ve said Blues music has influenced the band, but what is the usual process for writing tracks?
I always like to try and keep things fresh when it comes to writing songs. You can easily become stagnant if you go through the same motions, you just end up getting the same results. The most natural songs come from a melody that might just pop in my head and then I work it out on an acoustic. Or a line from somewhere can be the catalyst to forming a song.

Depending on what type of track I’m going for I mainly write on acoustic but I’ve started branching out to piano recently. See where that takes me. From there I take it to the boys in our rehearsal room and I see if it tickles enough feathers. Other times I can work on bits that Louis (Menguy, Lead Guitarist) has and visa versa. We always seem to have the best input for one another songs it seems.

Something To Believe In (Never To Be Tamed) – How important have friends & family been in supporting Slydigs?
I wouldn’t be here today without the support of my family that’s for sure. That goes for all of us I think. The long road is never an easy road and they have stuck by me all the way. They saw in me what I began to see in myself and encouraged me to keep going. I’ve very lucky in that sense to have a family that does just that.

I owe an incomparable debt of gratitude towards them. I dread to think where I’d be with out them but I know it wouldn’t be somewhere kind. They’ve put up with all the bullshit and ups and downs for so long and a lot of what we have done so far is down to there encouragement. It’s far from easy being in a band these days and keeping a life afloat.

I do feel privileged to have the support as I know some people out there don’t. That’s why I always commend people that do have a difficult life and find their way to the top. As to quote Pete Doherty,’ Happy endings never bore me’.

Slydigs produced unique tour posters for each of their USA/ Canada shows alongside The Who in 2016

How Animal Are You? (How Animal Are you EP) – What animal would you like to be for a week.
A sloth so I could sit in a tree and do absolutely jack for once!

Worth Your Weight In Gold (Never To Be Tamed) – What are you essential tour items?
A collection of great boots is a must. Alan Partridge is something that is a must for the long journeys. Sunglasses to hide the hangovers. A good crew. Is it bad to call a crew member an item? Maybe I’ll just answer more than your question. Nar you need the people around you doing what they do as it wouldn’t be possible. Thankfully we got a great crew that’s nicely building. I’ve never liked relying on people but I’m happy too with our crew.

The Kids Feel Underrated (How Animal Are you? ) – Any particular recommendation for upcoming artists?
Maker are a great band. They supported us in Manchester at the beginning of the year. Filthy Tricks are coming along well from Newton, they just started out and our session keyboard player Ryan plays guitar in them and they’ve got the potential to be great. Stillia are on the up and doing very well and should be a house hold name in no time. There’s loads coming through at the moment. Mikey Johns at This Feeling knows how to find them and he’s a good start for any band. People like him are keeping it alive. I suggest any band looking to move up needs to get into contact with him. He did his bit in getting us to the places we needed to get seen. We signed to Trinifold through one of his shows in London which says a lot.

Slydigs Europe

Substitute (The Who)  – Leave this one open for you..
I’d substitute this raining day in England to be in Bermuda drinking a Dark & Stormy qwoffing myself to sleep right now!

(If you could substitute any member of the band for another musician, dead or alive, who would you choose?)
[Haha] i couldnt possibly answer that one.
Unless myself for Elvis. Standard substitution ha

Slydigs start their headline UK & Europe tour tomorrow Friday 19th May. You can view their tour dates and buy your ticket from the bands website here.

Download How Animal Are You? on this years Warrington Music Festival compilation here.

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