On the Compilation: Meet, Delphina Kings

Delphina Kings
Delphina Kings

Throughout the month of May we will be asking the bands from the Warrington Music Festival Compilation about their experiences, and what they are looking forward to during the long weekend of music, 26-28th May. Visit our Festival section for all details.

Delphina Kings may only have been founded in 2016, but Chris Gibson (guitar/vocals)
and Andy Hoskinson (bass guitar) have been playing together for years, and with high school friend Pete Gibson joining the lineup, things are looking exciting for the alternative pop trio.

Stage Time: Saturday 27th 21:00

One Sentence to describe your band/ track: 90s-influenced indie pop.

Favourite Warrington Music Festival Moment?: Growing up in Warrington, we’ve played at the festival in different bands over the years and attended as punters, and we’ve seen it grow. I remember when we first played, when we were much younger (and much worse!), we did a really awkward interview for one of the local radio stations… We’ve come a long way since then. It’s just great to see the music scene there so healthy and getting better every year.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at this years festival?: We’re looking forward to seeing Weekend Wars. They’re good friends of ours and we haven’t seen them for a while, so it will be good to catch up with them. We’re also really excited for Stillia. There’s big things happening for those lads at the moment.

What are your plans after the Festival in the next few months?: There’s some exciting behind-the-scenes stuff going on that we can’t talk about just yet, but we’ve just finished recording the follow-up to our song ‘Lovestruck’, so we’ll be releasing that.

Cheers Chris, Lovestruck is available now to download for free on the WArringtonMusic.co.uk Festival Compilation. Available to download from the below.

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