On the Compilation: Meet, Psyblings

Grex Dixon Psyblings

Throughout the month of May we will be asking the bands from the Warrington Music Festival Compilation about their experiences, and what they are looking forward to during the long weekend of music, 26-28th May. Visit our Festival section for all details.

Psyblings continue going from strength, releasing their brand new EP, Sand on April 17th, and continuing to play all across the north west. We managed to catch up with front man, Greg Dixon in between playing with the psych-rock outfit and gearing up for the launch gig for brand new label, Psymmetry Records, next Friday on the 19th May. Read more about that here.

Stage Time: Saturday 27th May 20:30

One Sentence to describe your band/ track: 4 musicians and their deluded underweight sociopath milkman doing an impression of a band in between rounds of tennis. Dead, dead fuzzy.

Favourite Warrington Music Festival Moment?: Probably getting a rollocking for carrying some Chicken McNuggets onstage during the line check cos of ‘product placement’… I’ve never seen such panic over chicken since I had an out of date parmesan on my birthday once. At least PETA weren’t there…

Who are you looking forward to seeing at this year’s festival?:  Slowhandclap are on Friday night, obviously it’s very close to home but they plow it every time… And it’ll be good to see Filthy Tricks as I was always a fan of The 66, in fact they were the first band I ever saw  and what Liam did in taking the reigns when needed so seeing him in his own project will be really cool.

What are your plans after the Festival in the next few months?: We’ll be hitting up Truck and Y Not Festivals at the end of July, as well as a slot with False Advertising before hand. Maybe a few lemonades post graduation as well…

Greg, pleasure as always! Sand is available now to download for free on the WArringtonMusic.co.uk Festival Compilation. Available to download from the below.

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