On the Compilation: Meet, No One Sun

No One Sun
No One Sun

Throughout the month of May we will be asking the bands from the Warrington Music Festival Compilation about their experiences, and what they are looking forward to during the long weekend of music, 26-28th May. Visit our Festival section for all details.

Many a band have chosen the Festival to be their debut show to launch their band, but for No One Sun, it will be their first appearance, despite their debut album being released in 2013! Their newest album ‘Ghosts’ was released on the 2nd May 2016, and  We caught up with them as they have been preparing for their maiden set.

Stage Time: Saturday 27th May – 14:00

One Sentence to describe your band/ track: Purveyors of fine indie rock and the odd anthem.

Favourite Warrington Music Festival Moment?: This is our first, so all of it!

Who are you looking forward to seeing at this year’s festival?: Old friends, familiar faces and lots of great music

What are your plans after the Festival in the next few months?: Finish off and release a single we’ve been working on, start work on our 4th album and play the occasional live show.

Cheers guys!  All We Rely On Is Stolen from the album of the same name, is available now to download for free on the WArringtonMusic.co.uk Festival Compilation. Available to download from the below.

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