On the Compilation: Meet, Dirty Berns

Dirty Berns
Dirty Berns

Throughout the month of May we will be asking the bands from the Warrington Music Festival Compilation about their experiences, and what they are looking forward to during the long weekend of music, 26-28th May. Visit our Festival section for all details.

Before the Festival, Dirty Berns are headlining The Auctions Rooms to celebrate their brand new EP, Year of the Bern, this Saturday (13th May). More on that here.

Stage Time: Saturday 27th May – 18:00

One Sentence to describe your band/ track: Dirty Berns are a high-energy four piece alternate rock band from Warrington who write heavy-yet-catchy songs.

Favourite Warrington Music Festival Moment?: Happy Mondays in 2013 were class. We’ve been a fan of the band since we were kids so it was great to see them in our home town.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at this years festival?: Slydigs will be great as per usual. It’s great to see some local lads support massive bands like The Who. They’re killing it at the moment and we can’t think of anything better than them performing a home town gig,

What are your plans after the Festival in the next few months?: We’re hopefully going to be going back into the studio following the release of our first EP ‘Year of the Bern’. We have a few songs written and ready to go!

Thanks Max! Step Back is available now to download for free on the WArringtonMusic.co.uk Festival Compilation, available to download from the below.

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