Clint Boon talks about Warrington Music Festival and rise of tribute acts

Radio DJ Clint Boon

Clint Boon, if you don’t know him from his work with the fantastic Inspiral Carpets, you may know him from his time on XFM/ Radio X, you may even recognise him from a special appearance at Friars Court!

Next month at Warrington Music Festival, it falls on shoulders a DJ with one of the fullest phonebooks in the Indie music business to warm up the crowd before Space & Cast play Warrington Music Festival on the 28th May on the outdoor stage in the Old Market Place.

“It gives new unsigned, upcoming bands a taste of something bigger,” he said.

“They could be playing in front of a couple of thousand people potentially.

“I know Warrington Music Festival has been going for quite a few years and it’s always been brilliant.

“I’ve DJed there quite a few times and some of the stuff I’ve seen over the years has been fantastic.

Clint also said he is a fan of Burtonwood’s Slydigs who recently toured the world with The Who.

Read more of Clint Boon’s indepth interview with the Warrington Guardian website where he is asked what the real Stone Roses think of the Clone Roses, and how he feels back at home on XS Manchester Drivetime.


Tickets may be sold out for Sunday’s event, but with over 20 artists playing on the Saturday, there will be something for everyone. Head to our Warrington Music Festival page for all the information.

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