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Once again, WArringtonMusic.co.uk takes a look back into the Warrington Music archives. This month, we look at one of the town’s most loved exports, who took China by storm and were the last band to book the Parr Hall for a headline show.

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Exile Parade formed in the summer of 2006, previously playing under the name Bangkok. After hearing the band’s early demos on MySpace, Owen Morris and former Oasis guitarist Paul Arthurs went to see the band perform, soon after, Exile Parade were in Real World Studios with Morris; their debut EP, Brothel Ballet, was released in April 2010.

The music video for the lead single, ‘Man is Sick’, was released in January. The video was featured on the front page of MySpace Music following with the band tour of China in May.

China was to grow very important to the band, with further visits throughout the years, going where many western bands and artist were not allowed.

Exile Parade’s debut studio album, Hit the Zoo, was released on 3 February 2012. In 2014, the band parted ways, citing their belief that they were not the right kind of band for the current market.

“Recently I have been in Real World Studio with Exile Parade… Best rock and roll I’ve had the honour and pleasure of being involved with since Oasis ’ first album. Stunning, evil music.”
-Producer Owen Morris – Oasis/The Verve/The View)

“I have never been more sure this band is going to be huge! Great melodies making every song a potential hit single, but always with a raw and ‘cocky’ rock ‘n roll feel”
– Ronald Drayer – Suburban Records Managing Director (Who gave band their first record deal)

“They sound like Oasis but with bigger testicles”
– Jed the Fish – KROQ Los Angeles

“There’s no better way of ridding the Tuesday blues than splattering them with a bit of raw, unpredictable music and that’s exactly what was served up by the North West ball of energy known as Exile Parade.

The music is threaded with punk, bluesy rock and great guitar, but without a doubt, it’s the latter two, fused with the pure rawness of the vocals, that really brings the melting pot to the boil.

Song-wise, Get Your Gun Boy is without a doubt the band’s best work. The intro deceives you into thinking it’s an Oasis-style tune, but hang fire for a few more seconds and it’s a catchy countrified guitar number that blasts you into orbit with a storming chorus and ends with more influences than an X-Factor audition!”

BBC Manchester Live Review, Star & Garter – Natalie Williams 19/09/06

The band came together for one last time in September 2016 in aid of Tarryfest, in memory of their manager, Craig Tarry who was working with Viola Beach at the time of their tragic accident.

Exile Parade is
Lomax – Vocals
Phil Hennessey – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Chris Owen – Lead Guitar
Dave Hennessey – Bass
Mutchy – Drums



Listen to more of Exile Parade on Spotify below and watch their Music Videos here.

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