Walter Trout comes to Warrington for his ‘Alive’ Spring Tour

walter trout tour

When a musician says their fans saved their life, it’s often tokenism or not to be taken on face value. But for Blues Guitarist, Walter Trout, it was the generosity of his fans which helped him survive when he was told he needed a liver transplant

Walter told Weekend: “I had dizzy spells, debilitating cramps, fatigue, muscle wasting, and it wasn’t until my body filled up with fluid in May 2013 that it became obvious that I was on borrowed time.

The 66-year-old still struggles to put that battle into words, saying it is ‘impossible to describe’, his cathartic album, Battle Scars, is the closest he has come to making sense of it all.

“It was blues therapy at its finest,” Walter added.

Read more of Warrington Guardians in depth interview with Walter online by clicking here, or tomorrow’s print edition.

After a blistering performance at Ramblin Man’ Fair, BluesFest and his October tour last year Walter is back in the UK calling at Parr Hall in Warrington on May 6th.

Visit or call 442345 for tickets.

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