Warrington bids for Capital of Culture – Your opinion


It was announced last week that Warrington had officially entered the race to be the 2021 City of Culture, following on from Hull this year. It was the Warrington Guardian that first reported in January that the borough has registered its interest to battle for the prestigious title ahead of the January 31 deadline.

Anticipated costs of submitting a bid for Warrington at the time were yet to be finalised but council sources said it will ‘not be in the millions’.

Councillor Dan Price and Warrington’s Logo for 2021 Bid

Cllr Dan Price (Great Sankey North and Whittle Hall), who is chairing the bid team said: “We’re bidding for City of Culture because we are ambitious for Warrington – and why wouldn’t we be? Not only are we transitioning to become a New City, but over the next few years, we’re spending more than £100m improving the town centre and culture is fundamental to this transformation.

“There’s a strong economic case for investing in culture. Hull’s brought in £30m of extra funding and more than double that indirectly – just imagine what could be achieved in a thriving economy like Warrington.

“We’ve got a lot going on – we’ve just not been great at shouting about it. The initial response has been brilliant and I’d encourage everyone to get behind the bid. Now’s our chance to tell the country what Warrington’s really made of!”

Vote on our poll to give your verdict on Warrington’s chances.

Many people have commented on the bid and a few of those comments are mixed at the very least, showing contrasting opinions  on the Warrington Guardian website.

JimSullivan Wed 25 Jan 17 

The sad truth is that Warrington deserves to have a lot more going on, culturally, than we do. We’re a populous and largely prosperous town, but our arts venues are small and unambitious and, well, there really isn’t a great deal happening.

We shouldn’t bid for this, it would be a waste of energy and money. However, we should definitely work towards having a more interesting and varied cultural life in the town – then, maybe, a ‘City of Culture’ bid might look feasible in the future.

Smiley59 Thu 2 Mar 17

well as a resident for over 40 years its been great to read all the doom and gloom comments…. we could sit and complain or accept that they’ve put a bid in (ok I know its not the best timing due to finances but when would the best time be? everyone is in our position and stapped for cash). So let’s show some ambition and back our town. Yes our town. You don’t even have to be a city to enter…

Imagine if we actually won? Wonder what the pessimists would say then!


Following MP for Warrington South, David Mowat’s support on the town’s chances compared to Hull (read our previous article here) ,
WArringtonMusic.co.uk has reached out to David Mowat MP for further comment.


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