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With the bands debut EP called ‘There’s An Awful Lot Of Weirdo’s In Our Neighbourhood’, Dropscience pulled no punches with their Ska/Punk hybrid. Not for the faint hearted, they Headlined Warrington Music Festival in 2012, down to their tightly refined live set and certainly garnered alot of respect wherever they went.

The band reunited for a special once off Christmas show, at Friars Court in Warrington on Saturday 21st December 2013. But don’t expect a another reunion!

..finally its time for the six piece headlining band DropScience, arriving first up on stage is their drummer Adam Baldwin, who grabs the mic, speaking passionately to announce this would be his last show, and that every beat was for his pal [apparently ‘Jimmy’ his Granddad] who had passed away an hour earlier.

DropScience, are a reggae, ska based dance explosion gang, fronted by the energetic Phil Cain, who can’t seem to keep his feet still for a second.

These boys can play and then some, they are a rabble rousing, foot stomping delight, playing out to a backdrop of fantastic moody lighting, and a crystal clear sound system.

Once again these boys nailed it to the floor, dancing for joy, and by now the audience are a heaving mass of party goers complete with the obligatory drunken dancing and shouting out. Another band that have really stepped up their game this year, and closed the show in style, they have done the town proud. Fancy some reggae, ska, dance music, then step this way.

Warrington Music Festival – Mudkiss Magazine 2012

The saying runs: ‘you can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time.”

Well, I think Warrington’ s Dropscience are about to prove the fallibility of that statement.

‘Cocaine Nation,’ runs to three minutes duration, but packed within the time constraints of this, the band’s debut single, is something for everyone. Really! Opening with the naked instrumental fury of punk, a ‘cheeky,’ wee pop-based synth line flits in and out, tempering the prominent ska base. There are the ‘thirty a day’ gruff vocals and the almost obligatory “Hey! Hey!” chants. There is the Leftover Crack style ska-core count-up, ‘1 line, 2 line, 3 line, 4. 5 line, 6 line 7 line more.’ There follows a brief deep, reggae beat breakdown before ending as it did with the anger of old-skool style punk.

It’s aggressive, but melodic. It’s catchy and hook laden, but not twee. God! It’s not twee! With slight shades of Rancid’s ‘Timebomb’ this is as good… and more varied.

Dropscience sound like a ‘must-see / must-dance’ band! Buy this!

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Dropscience is:

Phil Cain (Vocals) Borf (Rhythm Guitar), Jamie McGregor (Lead Guitar) Ste Seanor (Keys ) Tommy Fisher (Bass) Danny Michele / Adam Baldwin( Drums).

Click here to listen to more music from Dropscience

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