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Formed 2007, disbanded 2011, Reformed 2013, The 66 left a lasting legacy on the Warrington Music Scene, bringing together some of the most talented musicians in the town, forming an unique brand of psychedelic infused indie-rock.

The 66 quickly found themselves on an upwards trajectory and thrust into the limelight, being especially welcomed in Manchester as ‘one of their own’ and are now considered a cult band not just by the fans, but by many journalists and press who witnessed the incredible live prowess of the band in their prime.

Combining influences that range from the last 40 years of rock and pop music, the band has forged a modern sound that is very much their own. Merging stomping grooves, rich, textured soundscapes with a melodic sensibility all fronted with youthful bristling bravado.
Over the past 18 months the band have been touring throughout the UK receiving rapturous responses at shows including, Hard Rock Cafe Manchester, Liverpool Sound City…Glasgow Barfly, Dublin Castle to name but a few venues

ourhouse-manchester.co.uk 2008

The 66 headlined Warrington Music Festival in 2010.



The 66 are a Warrington band, who have embraced the modern myspace age of self-promotion. Indeed, their name has been ingrained in my sub-conscience for several weeks now, to the extent that I am slightly nervous before seeing them, for fear of disappointment. I shouldn’t have worried. This band are truly epic and their influences are written large across their music. From The Verve influence in ‘City of Culture’ through to the Led Zeppelin-esque ‘Rise’, this band make music that will surely fill venues far larger than Moho in Manchester, if there is any justice at all. Front man Daniel Rimmer makes the stage his own and has the charismatic cool of a Richard Ashcroft or Robert Harvey

MDHA Archive, 1st May 2008





After 5 years, The 66 came to an end with Mike & Craig embarking on The Phoenix Experiment and Daniel fronting Indie Band, White Vinyl. On 1st September 2012, The 66 reunited for one night to pay tribute to former vocalist, who lost his life earlier on in the year. Fronting the band was the strikingly similar younger brother, Liam, in not just appearance, but voice and mannerisms.

“The band

Liam ‘Mini-Big’ Rimmer – Vocals
Mike ‘the sting’ Bee – Lead Gtr
Craig ‘the hammer’ Harman – Bass Gtr
Paul ‘snake’ Glover – Keys & Orchestra
Ian ‘insanity magnet’ Wilson – Drums & Beats

Daniel (the eternal Rumman) Rimmer R.I.P x

The bands full Full Digital Discography can be found on The 66’s bandcamp page here.





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