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In the first of a new feature that will hopefully last at least a month, we will look back at a well loved band from the Warrington Music Archives. What better way to start than Bill Davo, who brought a bit of sunshine to their hometown.

As the band take to the stage at WA1 Venue Bar to Dvorak’s New World Symphony, I am eagerly awaiting a fine performance. The band break into a good set of Warrington fuelled, rockn’roll/rockabilly/ tunes with a wiff of slide guitar, Americana. Bill Davro And The Popes’ sound tells us that they would love to be signed to Delta Sonic Records (the Liverpool home to The Zutons, Little Flames etc).

Warrington Guardian Gig Review, November 2006

Kieran Gallimore – Guitar, Keys, Vox and Songs ‘n’ That.
Andrew Marsh – Drums and Monologues.
Mike Grainger – Bass ‘n’ Ears

Following an insurgence of bands readdressing the Brit-pop movement of the 90s, Bill Davro are bringing Alternative Pop back to the underground lexicon. Combining Jazz, Jangle Pop, Garage infused rhythms and melodic guitar hooks, the signature Bill Davro sound reflects what has come before but has been somewhat overlooked in recent years.

There sound simultaneously sounding traditional and modern: a fresh and bright (sometimes jagged) explosion of pop phantasmagoria. The shifting moods of singer and lyricist Kieran Gallimore elevate the music in to a dimension of maturity and self-reflexivity (almost Wordsworthian), offering an assortment of emotive lyrics and thought provoking imagery, floating ‘as lonely as a cloud’ atop the ringing guitar lines and driving rhythm. Kieran’s lyrics have been likened to Ian Dury and Morrissey, using regional vernacular to express true to heart emotion lyrically.

The band, in their live performance, transform the genteel (and somewhat vulnerable) sound in to an exciting, energetic happening guaranteed to grab you by the waist and move your hips to the swinging groove. Bill Davro have a distinct identity and sense of purpose that sits them quite comfortably (if not slightly aware of the height) on a platform of their own.  

Jango Music Profile, date unknown

In the end, Bill Davro went their separate way during 2011, but Kieran Gallimore continues to perform solo, firstly under the name ‘Specs’, then under his own name.

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More to come from The Stocks & 7 Day Weekend.

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