Add your artist profile to the [WAM] Website

We are looking for bands and artists to showcase themselves on the website, it is provided free of charge with no annual free. Once you are up, you are until you wish to leave. But if it all goes sour, leave the page as your legacy!

Following a redesign of the website late 2016, the site has undergone a sizeable clean up, following an extended fallow period. In 2017 we are pleased with how the site is looking but since the “pause button” was pressed on [WAM] in January 2015, the artist pages haven’t been updated much.

So, we would like to hear from all the bands who are based in the WA area, or tho who have members from Warrington, to get in touch and add their Artist Profiles to the website

If you would like to add your band to the listing or would like to update your listing, please use the contact form below or email your details to

Just some of the artists to have profiles on

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